Cannon and Hancock

Refractory Training Courses

The Problem

Refractories are a critical part of the operation of most high temperature industrial processes and also play an essential role in may other industries. They are frequently a major cost item both in general maintenance and also the unscheduled downtime of production units arising from premature refractory failure.

The depth of the subject is demonstrated by the three-year degree courses in refractory technology, which are offered by universities throughout the world. However the majority of refractory purchasers have had little, if any, formal training in refractory technology. Numerous books and technical papers are available, but none have been written specifically for refractory users.

Refractory technology is changing so rapidly and the price of refractory materials is continuing to escalate so rapidly, that all users must conduct regular value audits on their refractory purchases.

Who should attend ?

The course is a necessity to people who have a responsibility for refractory purchases, installations and who are involved in a production function. The latter will find the programme of great value in understanding the relationship between refractories and process operations.

  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Buyers
  • Metallurgists
  • Management
  • Refractory Supervisors
  • Refractory Foremen


The courses include specific examples based on consultancy work over 20 years in various industries.

Practical Aspects rather than theoretical are the cornerstone of the course.